SDSUCS 596 Client-Server Programming
Spring Semester, 1997

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Actual Assignment Descriptions and Due Dates

Tentative List of Assignments and Tentative Due Dates

The following is a very brief description of the planned assignments for CS-596 Client-Server course. When the actual assignment description becomes available, the assignment will be listed above. Dates, descriptions, and number of assignments listed below are subject to change.

Assignment 2 Server, Tentative Due Date 2/25/97

Modify your Airline Reservation Program (AR) to create a server for the airline reservation system.

Assignment 3 Protocol, Tentative Due Date 3/13/97
Develop a protocol for the airline reservation system.
Assignment 4 Client-Protocol-Server, Tentative Due Date 4/3/97
Develop a client and server program that implement your protocol for the airline reservation system.

Assignment 5 Database, Tentative Due Date 4/15/97
Add a database back end to the server developed in assignment 4.

Assignment 6 CGI, Tentative Due Date 5/1/97
Develop a CGI-Web client to your airline reservation system.

Assignment 7 Corba/RMI, Tentative Due Date 5/15/97
Implement your airline reservation system using Corba/RMI.