SDSUCS 596 Client-Server Programming
Spring Semester, 1997
Assignment 2

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First Servers
Due Tuesday 2/25/96

For both 1) and 2) use telnet as a client to test your servers.

1) Write a server that accepts a connection, reads a string, returns the string with "The message was: " added to the front, then drops the connection with the client. For example, if a client sends to the server:

Hi mom

The server will return:

The message was: Hi Mom

2) Write a small server for the Airline reservation system. The server needs to handle two possible requests from a client. First, the client can ask the server which cities have a direct connection from a given city. So, if the client asks for the direct connections from Denver (or DE), the server will return Dallas/Fort Worth, Fargo ND, Los Angeles (or DFW, FAR, LAX). You may use either the city names or the city codes. Second, the client can request a passenger manifest. If the client provides the server with a flight number and date, the server will return the passenger manifest for that flight on the given date. The requests can be made in any order.