SDSUCS 596 Client-Server Programming
Spring Semester, 1997
Assignment 5

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Problem 1 Due 4/20/97 (Sunday, before midnight)
Problem 2 Due Tuesday 4/29/97

1) Problem one is independent of the Airline Reservation system. This problem uses the following html form, which I will call Start Form, just to make it easier to talk about the form.

<TITLE>Start Form
Please type in your name
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name" SIZE="15">
<BR>Please type in your password
<INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password" SIZE="10">
<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Form">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send Now">

1a) Write a CGI program that echoes the data the user enters in the Start Form (the above form). This means the URL in the ACTION part of the form must be to your program.
1b) Write a CGI program that:

You, (username inserted here) selected (insert what they selected).

1c) Modify the program in 1b) to:

Note this requires your program to know when to return the Start Form, the Tea Time page or the result of the Tea Time page.

When you have finished 1c) email me ( the URL for this program. The URL should cause your program to return the Start Form. Do not turn in a hard copy of problem one. The program must meet the requirements in 1b and 1c.

2) Implement a mini version of your Airline Reservation System that uses a Web interface. Interaction with the user will be through a Web browser. Thus your program should have no need to deal with sockets. Your server engine should be able to work in either your CGI version or the version of the Airline Reservation system you turned in for assignment 4. The mini version only needs to implement the following two commands:

You may assume that the user knows the list of cities and city codes. Email me the URL for this program and turn in hard copy.

3) (Optional) Implement the full Airline Reservation System with a Web interface.