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Spring Semester, 2003
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Contents of Doc 12, ValueWithHistory

Ralph Johnson’s Lecture notes, Lecture 8 Object Identity

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Represents a value that changes over time

Answer its value at any point in time

Update its value at any point in time

Add to value from any point in time into the future

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Instead of storing a value in a variable

Store it in a ValueWithHistory

balance := ValueWithHistory zero.
balance at: Date today put: 25.0s2.

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Main Access methods

at: aDate
Return value at the given date

at: aDate add: anAmount
Add an amount to the value at aDate and all times in the future

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Sample Usage

   | value today yesterday tomorrow |
   today :=Date today.
   yesterday :=today subtractDays: 1.
   tomorrow := today addDays: 1.
   value := ValueWithHistory zero.
      at: today add: 1;
      at: yesterday add: 2;
      at: tomorrow add: 5.
   self assert: (value at:  today ) = 3.

Doc 12, ValueWithHistory Slide # 6

Smalltalk defineClass: #ValueWithHistory
   superclass: #{Core.Object}
   indexedType: #none
   private: false
   instanceVariableNames: 'dates valueHistory '
   classInstanceVariableNames: ''
   imports: ''
   category: 'CS535'
ValueWithHistory class methodsFor: 'instance creation'
   ^self new initialize 
ValueWithHistory methodsFor: 'initialize'
   dates := SortedSequence new.
   valueHistory := OrderedCollection new. 

Doc 12, ValueWithHistory Slide # 7
ValueWithHistory methodsFor: 'accessing' at: aDate | index | index := dates startIndexOfIntervalContaining: aDate. index isZero ifTrue: [self error: 'date is too early']. ^valueHistory at: index at: aDate add: anAmount | start | start := self indexForAccessing: aDate. start to: valueHistory size do: [:each | valueHistory at: each put: (valueHistory at: each) + anAmount] indexForAccessing: aDate | index | index := dates startIndexOfIntervalContaining: aDate. index isZero ifTrue: [dates add: aDate. valueHistory addFirst: 0. ^1]. (dates at: index) = aDate ifTrue: [^index]. dates add: aDate. valueHistory add: (valueHistory at: index) beforeIndex: index + 1. ^index + 1

Doc 12, ValueWithHistory Slide # 8

Subclass of SortedCollection with one method

SortedSequence>>startIndexOfIntervalContaining: anElement
   self isEmpty ifTrue: [^0].
   ^(self indexForInserting: anElement) – firstIndex

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