SDSU CS 683 Emerging Technologies: Embracing Change
Spring Semester, 2001
About This Course
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Big Ball of Mud, Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder,

What Is the Rational Unified Process? by Philippe Kruchten,

SCRUM Website,

Scrum: An extension pattern language for
hyperproductive software development , Beedle, Devos, Sharon, Schwaber, Sutherland,

The New Methodology, Martin Fowler,

Dynamic System Development Method,

Squeak Website,

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About this Course

CS 683 is a variable topic course

Each offering of the course differs

Normally cover 3 related topics

This semester

Theme - Change


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Software development on Internet time

Need for

Software is increasingly more complex

Application developed in new areas

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Improving the design of existing code

Most code undergoes change and modification

With enough changes the best design will become a

Refactoring is a simple but very useful process to restructure code in an attempt to maintain good design

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Extreme Programming

Methodologies like do not work well in all situations

RUP - Rational Unified Process

Lightweight methodologies are designed to handle change

Some current lightweight processes:

We will look at Extreme Programming

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Squeak is an open-source version of Smalltalk from Disney

Why Squeak

Incremental change (pink plane)
Paradigm shift (blue plane)

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Order Of Topics

Extreme Programming

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If you have a computer download and install Squeak 2.8 from

Make a copy of Squeak2.8.changes and Squeak2.8.image files

You will need clean copies of these files later

Start squeak (on Windows drag and drop Squeak2.8.image on Squeak.exe)

In Play with me 3 change the color of the text Squeak Rules

In Play with me 7 move the rabbit

In Play with me 8 play the William Tell Overture

Do this by class on Thursday February 1

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