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Spring Semester, 1999
Activation & rohan
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Java Remote Method Invocation Specification, chapter 7 & pp. 122
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rmid documentation
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rmid & Port Number

Server Side

How does your Server registration program find rmid if it is not on the standard port?

Solution 1
Set the system property java.rmi.activation.port in the JVM what registers the server

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Solution 2
Use the rmid registry
package whitney.rmi.examples.activation;
import java.rmi.*;
import java.rmi.activation.*;
import java.util.Properties;
public class RegisterHelloServer 
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception 
      System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager());
      Properties policyFileLocation = new Properties(); 
      ActivationGroupDesc.CommandEnvironment ace = null; 
      ActivationGroupDesc exampleGroup = 
         new ActivationGroupDesc(policyFileLocation, ace);
       ActivationSystem localActivationSystem;
       localActivationSystem = (ActivationSystem)
      ActivationGroupID agi = 

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RegisterHelloServer Continued

      System.out.println( "after register group" );
      ActivationGroup.createGroup(agi, exampleGroup, 0);
      String classLocation = "file:/export/home/whitney/java/classes/";
      String serverClass = 
      MarshalledObject data = null;
      ActivationDesc desc = 
         new ActivationDesc(serverClass, classLocation, data);
      Hello mri = (Hello)Activatable.register(desc);
      System.out.println("Got the stub for the HelloServer");
      Naming.rebind("//:6754/HelloServer", mri);
      System.out.println("Exported HelloServer");

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rmid & Port NumberClient Side

The hostname and port number of rmid is part of the stub downloaded to the client when it contacts the rmiregistry.

rmid is responsible for setting this information in the stub

On rohan this information is not set correctly.

You can use the –C-D and –J-D flags to set the correct value.

rmid -J-Djava -port 6753 &

However, there is still a problem on rohan.

At this time on rohan or moria

Do not use the above flags
Do not test your clients remotely on servers implementing the Activatable interface

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