SDSU CS 696 Emerging Technologies: Distributed Objects
Spring Semester, 1998
Java on Rohan - The modified slides

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Javadoc documentation at:

FixJavadoc documentation at:

Rohan system administrator

The Java Programming Language, Arnold, Gosling, 1996

Doc 5, Java on Rohan - The modified slides Slide # 2

Some Java Information

Java on Rohan

Version of Java available:

JDK 1.0.2
Compatible with Netscape 3.0 browsers
For applets

JDK 1.1.3
Last semester this was the only version of java that would run an application that used a GUI (awt) and display it on the NCD terminals in the campus labs
JDK 1.1.5
Current release of Java

JDK 1.2b2
Second beta version of the next major release of Java
API is at least twice the size of the 1.1.x API
Default Version

/opt/java points to the current "safe" version of java on rohan

Doc 5, Java on Rohan - The modified slides Slide # 3
Java GUI Applications & NCD Terminals

There is problem running a java GUI based application on the NCD terminals on campus

The problem is with the old version of the NCD software (3.x) running on the NCD terminals

Reports are that version 5 of the NCD software fixes the problem, however NCD does not support the version of the terminals in BAM and in E301. A few terminal in the library can run version 5

This does not affect applets running in a browser, but does affect applets running in the appletviewer

You must type
   xstdcmap -all" 

at the shell prompt before you run a java application that uses AWT and have it display on an NCD X-terminal in the BAM labs

This does not work with some window managers like fvwm

In JDK 1.1.5 and 1.2b2 the window coordinate system on the NCD is off by 10-30 pixels
You need add 10-30 pixels to the y coordinate system so that the top of the window is accessible

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