SDSU CS 635 Advanced Object-Oriented Design & Programming
Spring Semester, 1998
Lecture Notes

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This is where we keep the lecture notes for the CS 635 Advanced Object-Oriented Design & Programming course. This page will be updated as more notes become available.

Lecture Notes By Topic

  1. Intro Lecture
  2. Coupling
  3. Cohesion
  4. Design Pattern Intro
  5. Singleton
  6. Logging: A use of Singleton
  7. Observer
  8. Observer Variants
  9. Template Method
  10. Strategy and Null Object
  11. Motivating Creational Patterns
  12. Creational Patterns - Factory Method, Prototype, Abstract Factory
  13. Motivating Product Trader
  14. Builder & Product Trader
  15. Composite
  16. Functor, Command, Command Processor
  17. Exam Review
  18. Iterator
  19. State
  20. Lexi: A Case Study
  21. Adapter
  22. Bridge
  23. Decorator
  24. Proxy
  25. Chain of Responsibility
  26. Facade & Mediator
  27. Visitor
  28. Assignment 3 Code
  29. Flyweight & Memento
  30. Interpreter

Audio of the Lectures

The table below contains links to the audio and video recordings of the lecture given on the date indicated of CS 635. Links to the audio of a lecture will appear sometime before the lecture. The link will not be active until the lecture starts. Any time after the lecture starts you should be able to listen audio by clicking on the date with a link. (Assuming you have installed the RealAudio Player, your connection is 28.8 or better, and there are no technical problems.) You will need a copy of the real audio play on your machine.

Down a free copy of RealAudio Player available for Windows (NT, 95, 3.1), Macintosh, Sun, OS2, Linux, FreeBSD.

32/10/982/12/98 Cohesion, Patterns Intro
42/17/98 Patterns, Singleton2/19/98 Singleton
52/24/98 Observer & Variants2/26/98 Template Method and Strategy
63/3/98 Null Object, Creational Patterns3/5/98 Creational Patterns
73/10/98 Abstract factory, Product Trader3/12/98 Builder & Product Trader
83/17/98 Builder & Product Trader3/19/98 Functor, Command
93/24/98 Iterator 3/26/98 Exam review
103/31/98 Midterm4/2/98 State
Spring Break4/7/98 No Class4/9/98 No Class
114/14/98 Lexi, Adapter4/16/98 Bridge
124/21/98 Return Exam, Decorator, Proxy4/23/98 Proxy, Chain of Responsibility
134/28/98 Homework 3, Visitor4/30/98 Facade
145/5/98 Mediator & Memento 5/7/98 Assignment 3, Mementos & Visiters
155/12/98 Flyweight & Interpreter5/14/98 Exam Review

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