SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming and Design
Fall Semester, 1997
Lecture Notes

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This is where we keep the lecture notes for the CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming and Design course. This page will be updated as more notes become available.

Lecture Notes By Topic

  1. Course Intro Lecture
  2. Java Basics
  3. Arrays, Strings, Control Structures
  4. Classes
  5. Conceptual OO Definition
  6. Information Hiding
  7. Some Basic Java API
  8. The Static Issue
  9. Inheritance
  10. Interface
  11. Constructor Questions
  12. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  13. Sorting - An Example
  14. Comments on Assignment 1, part 1
  15. Comments on Assignment 1, part 2
  16. Exceptions
  17. Java IO
  18. Java IO: File, StreamTokenizer
  19. Internationalization
  20. Comments on Assignment 2
  21. OO Design Part 1
  22. Serialization, Persistent Objects
  23. Observer-Observable
  24. Missing Responsibilities and Menus
  25. Javadoc
  26. Some Heuristics
  27. Heuristics and Rules of Thumb

Audio of the Lectures

The table below contains links to the audio recordings of the lecture given on the date indicated in the 5:00 section of CS 535. Links to the audio of a lecture will appear sometime before the lecture. The link will not be active until the lecture starts. Any time after the lecture starts you should be able to listen audio by clicking on the date with a link. (Assuming you have installed the RealAudio Player, your connection is 28.8 or better, and there are no technical problems.) At some time (hopefully, just a day or two) after the lecture, I will synchronize the audio recording with the lecture notes. When synchronized, the RealAudio Player has the Netscape browser display lecture notes as the notes are being covered in the audio. I assume this also works with other browsers, but have not tested it. You will need a copy of the real audio play on your machine.

Down a free copy of RealAudio Player available for Windows (NT, 95, 3.1), Macintosh, Sun, OS2, Linux, FreeBSD.

39/16/979/18/97 Classes
49/23/97 Conceptual OO9/25/97 Constants, Package, API
59/30/97 API, Static, Inheritance10/2/97 Inheritance
610/7/97 Comments On assig. 110/9/97 Comments, Sorting, Interface
710/14/97 Sorting10/16/97 Exceptions
810/21/97 Exceptions10/23/97 IO
910/28/97 Exam Review, IO10/30/97 Exam
1011/4/97 Comments Assign 2, Java IO11/6/97 Design pt 1
1111/11/97 Design11/13/97 Serialization
1211/18/97 Serialization11/20/97 Observer-Observable
1311/25/97 Missing Responsibilities11/27/97 Thanksgiving
1412/2/97 Assignemnt, Project, Heuristics12/4/97 No 5pm lecture
1512/9/97 No 5pm lecture12/11/97

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