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javax.microedition.rms The Mobile Information Device Profile provides a mechanism for MIDlets to persistently store data and later retrieve it. 

Uses of RecordStoreNotOpenException in javax.microedition.rms

Methods in javax.microedition.rms that throw RecordStoreNotOpenException
 byte[] RecordEnumeration.nextRecord()
          Returns a copy of the next record in this enumeration, where next is defined by the comparator and/or filter supplied in the constructor of this enumerator.
 byte[] RecordEnumeration.previousRecord()
          Returns a copy of the previous record in this enumeration, where previous is defined by the comparator and/or filter supplied in the constructor of this enumerator.
 void RecordStore.closeRecordStore()
          This method is called when the MIDlet requests to have the record store closed.
 String RecordStore.getName()
          Returns the name of this RecordStore.
 int RecordStore.getVersion()
          Each time a record store is modified (by addRecord, setRecord, or deleteRecord methods) its version is incremented.
 int RecordStore.getNumRecords()
          Returns the number of records currently in the record store.
 int RecordStore.getSize()
          Returns the amount of space, in bytes, that the record store occupies.
 int RecordStore.getSizeAvailable()
          Returns the amount of additional room (in bytes) available for this record store to grow.
 long RecordStore.getLastModified()
          Returns the last time the record store was modified, in the format used by System.currentTimeMillis().
 int RecordStore.getNextRecordID()
          Returns the recordId of the next record to be added to the record store.
 int RecordStore.addRecord(byte[] data, int offset, int numBytes)
          Adds a new record to the record store.
 void RecordStore.deleteRecord(int recordId)
          The record is deleted from the record store.
 int RecordStore.getRecordSize(int recordId)
          Returns the size (in bytes) of the MIDlet data available in the given record.
 int RecordStore.getRecord(int recordId, byte[] buffer, int offset)
          Returns the data stored in the given record.
 byte[] RecordStore.getRecord(int recordId)
          Returns a copy of the data stored in the given record.
 void RecordStore.setRecord(int recordId, byte[] newData, int offset, int numBytes)
          Sets the data in the given record to that passed in.
 RecordEnumeration RecordStore.enumerateRecords(RecordFilter filter, RecordComparator comparator, boolean keepUpdated)
          Returns an enumeration for traversing a set of records in the record store in an optionally specified order.

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