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VisualWorks Application Developer's Guide

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We have a Customer class with

The window spec has

The "OK" button has action "accept"

The "Cancel" button has action "cancel'

Do not implement the accept and cancel methods in Customer

Add the following class method to Customer:

Customer class>>getFromUser
   | customer accept |
   customer := Customer new.
   accept := customer openDialogInterface: #getCustomer.

Now Customer getFromUser will return

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Recovering Changes

At some point you will lose some work due to:

You can recover your work as changes are stored as you make them in the ".cha" file

If your image is still workable open the change list tool

Select the "Open Change List" item of the "Changes" menu in the launcher

In the Change List Tool open the last changes

Select the "Recover Last Changes" item in the "File" menu of the change list tool

The change list tool will show all changes since the last time you saved your image

These changes can be replayed

See "Using the Change List" starting on page 150 of the VisualWorks Application Developer's Guide for more information

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Corrupt Images

Occasionally you will do something to corrupt an image

This could happen when you:

When this happens it is useful to have backup of your work

If you do not have back up don't panic.

Make a backup copy of your .cha file

Go read the manual on the Change List Tool

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Managing Code

VisualWorks standard for distributing code
Much more useful than file outs

Useful in keeping different lists of changes in an image

In browser allows you to add/retrieve Smalltalk code from a database
A source control system for VisualWorks

See chapters 7 & 8 of the VisualWorks Application Developer's Guide for more information

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Creating an application requires

The first time you run the Runtime packager use the default values

See chapter 13 Application Delivery of VisualWorks Application Developer's Guide for more information for more information

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What to Turn in for the Project

Files to read
Namespaces you use
How to start the application
This is part of your 5 page limit

Due 6:30 pm Wednesday December 19

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