SDSU CS 580 Client-Server Programming
Fall Semester, 2000
Concurrent Server Issues
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Client-Server Software Testing on the Desktop and the Web, Mosley, Prentice Hall, 2000

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SDSU Java library

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Concurrent Server Issues


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Separation of Responsibilities

Decompose server into parts

Separate parts:


Testing is important because:

Some testers claim client-server projects require one tester per programmer

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Why logging?

What should be logged?

Normally a log entry contains several pieces of information:

How should clients and servers log?

Basic choices:

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Simple appending problems

This simplistic approach can cause problems with the following:

Some solutions:

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SDSU Logger

import sdsu.logging.*;
public class LoggingExample
   public static void main(String[] args ) throws LoggerCreationException {
      FileLogger.register( "MyLog");
      LoggingExample test = new LoggingExample();;;
   public void foo() {
      Logger.log( "foo called");
   public void bar(){
      try {
         Logger.log( "bar called");
         int a = 1;
         int b = 0;
         int c = a/b;
      catch (Exception error ) {
         Logger.error( "Error in bar");
         Logger.error( error);
MyLog.log contents
time='2:47:57 PM';date=10/2/00;type=Log;message='bar called';
time='2:47:57 PM';date=10/2/00;type=Error;message='Error in bar';
time='2:47:57 PM';date=10/2/00;type=Error;message='java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero';
time='2:47:57 PM';date=10/2/00;type=Log;message='foo called';

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Types of Loggers

FileLogger - Sends log messages to file
NullLogger - Ignores log messages
ScreenLogger - Sends log messages to screen

SelectiveLogger - allows you to turn off types of messages

Types of Log messages


Debug Class

Allows debug states to be turned off/on

Debug messages contain line number if JIT is off

Output can be sent to file or screen

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Servers are complex

Difference sites/customers require different settings

Commercial clients and servers are configurable

Error Handling

Servers should not crash or stop operating

Thread Management

Maintain a pool of thread to handle

Several ways to hand set of threads:

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