SDSU CS 696 Emerging Technologies: Java Distributed Computing
Spring Semester, 1999
Assignment 2
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Assignment 2
Due March 18

One problem with rmi is the inability to restart the registry and automatically reload all previously registered server objects. Hence, if the machine containing the registry is temporarily turned off, all the server objects need to be restarted. If different programs were used to initially register objects, reregistering the all the objects can be difficult.

1. Write a program that obtains all the labels and remote references in a rmiregistry and saves them in a file. With another program (or the same program) read the labels and remote references from the file, and register them with a new rmiregistry.

2. For the restored remotes to work they been to be registered with rmid and be activatable. Convert your rmi remote classes from assignment 1 to be activatable. Test your work by registering a number of server objects, run the program from part 1 to save the remote references & labels, kill rmiregistry, stop the rmid, restart the rmiregistry and rmid. Now use your rmi client from assignment one to verify the server objects are working.

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