SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Spring Semester, 1999
Assignment 4
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Assignment 4
Grading Assignment 3
Due April 13

You are to consider making the following change to the project:

a. Have the translator work in a batch mode. That is the translator reads the words to translate form a file and records the results in a file. This is done without any interaction with a user. The batch program will be given the input and output files as arguments to the startup command line.
b. Produce a Spanish version of the translator. That is change the UI so all menus, questions, etc. will be in Spanish.
c. Add a new language to the translator database. For example, how much work would it be to add French to the languages supported by the translator?

Your goal is to estimate how hard it would be to make the change, not to actually make the changes. Grade the project on the following two points:

1. Did the documentation with the code help you understand the program enough to determine where the program would need to be modified to make the above changes? How difficult was it to understand the documentation and the code?

2. How hard would it be to make the above changes in the code? How local are the changes? That is how many classes will have to be changed?

The possible grades are A, B, C, D, and F. You are to give the grade and a brief reason for the grade. Your write up should not exceed more than two pages (and can be shorter than that). Turn in two copies of each report. One copy will be returned to the student whose assignment 3 you reviewed. The other copy will be read and graded by the instructor. On the student copy of your report do not include your name, but make sure that you include the name of the student(s), whose assignment 3 you reviewed. On copy for the instructor make sure you indicate the author of assignment 4 (the reviewer) and the author of assignment 3 (the reviewed). You do not have to return the student assignment 3. Your report will not effect the grades given for assignment 3. The above questions do not necessarily reflect how assignment 3 will be graded.

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