SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Spring Semester, 1999
Assignment 1
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Assignment 1
Due Feb 16, 1999

You will not turn in this assignment. You are to be prepared to discuss the questions below in class on Tuesday, Feb. 16. In lecture note Doc 4, Translator Example two strawman solutions were given. The questions below are about the strawman solutions in document 4.

1. Discuss the cohesion and coupling in the strawman solutions. Given examples of strong coupling and weak cohesion.

2. Contrast the cohesion and coupling found in strawman solution 1 and solution 2. When is one solution better than the other?

3. Discuss the impact the cohesion and coupling in the strawman solutions have on Decomposability, Composability, Understandability, Continuity, and Protection.

4. Discuss ways to improve the cohesion and coupling in the strawman solutions.
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