CS 696 : Assignment 4
SDSUCS 696 Emerging Technologies: Distributed Objects
Spring Semester, 1998
CS 696: Assignment 4

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Due Thursday, May 21 7:00-8:15 pm.

Bean Bank

1. A customer of the bank has a name and a balance. After paying taxes and just before finals customers do not have the money or time to worry opening more than one account with the bank. Create a customer account bean to display the customers name and current balance. The bean also allows any user to add or withdrawal money from the account.

2. Create a bank bean that keeps track of the number of accounts and total amount of money in the bank. When a customer account bean is created it is to be connected to the bank bean. The customer and bank beans should run in the BeanBox.

3. (Super-duper extra credit) Make your customer account bean an interface to your RMI customer client and the bank bean an interface to your RMI bank server.

What to turn in. You are to demo your program and turn in the source code for the assignment.

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