SDSU CS 696 Emerging Technologies: Distributed Objects
Spring Semester, 1998
CS 535: Assignment 1

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Problems 1 & 2 due Thursday, Feb 12 in class.
Problem 3 is due Tuesday, Feb 17 in class.

1. Write a counter server using RMI. Each time one accesses the counter, it increase its count by one, and returns the new count.

2. Multiple Counters. Write a server in RMI that maps URLs (strings) to counters. That is given a URL the access count for that URL is increased by one and the new count is returned. Given an new URL the server will create a new count for that URL.

3. Measure the time it takes to send an array of 10, 100, 1000 ints between an RMI client and server on different machines. Contrast this with the time it takes to:

perform the same operation when the client and server are on the same machine, and

the time it takes to send an array of 10, 100, 100 ints to a method in the same program.

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