SDSU CS 596: Client-Server Programming
Fall Semester, 1996

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Contents of Syllabus

CS596 Syllabus
CS 596 Client-Server Programming Spring 97

InstructorsAndrew Scherpbier, Contigo SoftwareRoger Whitney

Course WWW Site:
All course handouts will be delivered via WWW at the above URL. There links to the course home page from
Optional Texts: Internetworking with TCP/IP vol III: Client-Server programming and Applications (BSD Socket Version) by Comer and Stevens
Code Complete by Steve McConnell
Prerequisites: CS570, Java. Note CS576 is recommended but not required.

Grading : There will be no exams in this class. There will be about seven programming assignments, which will determine your grade.

: Any one caught cheating will receive an F in the course.

Course Outline

Introduction 2 lectures
Brief overview of client-server
Connecting Clients and Severs 6-8 lectures
Java networking
Server types

Application Layer Issues 5-7 lectures
Stateful vs stateless servers
State machines
Programming Issues 2-3 lectures
API , Frameworks
Log files
Config files
Server Issues 4-5 lectures
Concurrency, select, fork, threads
Server design in other systems
Data base, CGI, HTML, inetd
Client Issues 1-2 lecture
GUI issues
Advanced topics 4- 6 lectures
Distributed objects, Corba
Remote procedures
Proxies, Scaling client/server up
Organizational issues
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