SDSU CS 596 Client-Server Programming
Grading Assignment 2

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Grading assignment 2 - Grade Reporter
Due March 26

Answer the following questions. Your answers are to be separate from the code you are grading. Try to limit your answers to 1 or 2 pages. Please turn in two copies of your answers. The first copy with both your name and the student's name whose paper you are grading. The second copy should not contain your name.

If you make additional comments on the code your are grading, please turn back the code so it can be returned to its author. If you do not make any comments on the code you are grading, do not return it.

1) How easy was it to read and understand the student's program? Did the variable names, comments and use of white space help in reading the program?

2) Did the program satisfy the requirements? If no, why not?

3) Our goal is to make a server that has the functionality of this program. What changes would have to be made to the code to make it into a server?

4) Did the student produce code or classes that could be reused in other assignments or projects? If so what?