SDSU CS 596 Client-Server Programming
Grading Assignment 6

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San Diego State University -- This page last updated April 16, 1996

Grading Assignment 6 - Grade Reporter Protocol
Due April 23

Answer the following questions. Your answers are to be separate from the protocol description you are grading. Try to limit your answers to 1 or 2 pages. Please turn in two copies of your answers. The first copy with both your name and the student's name whose paper you are grading. The second copy should not contain your name.

If you make additional comments on the protocol description you are grading, please turn back the protocol description so it can be returned to its author. If you do not make any comments on the protocol description you are grading, do not return it.

1) How easy was it to read and understand the protocol description?

2) Was the protocol description defined well enough to allow you to implement a server for the protocol? If no, what was the problem. If yes, would you prefer implementing a server for your protocol or the one you are grading?

3) The CSU administration is worried about legal consequences of assigning each student a unique password. Instead, they would like each instructor to assign passwords to students in their classes. That is each student will have a different password for each class. How easy would it be to modify the protocol to handle each student having a different password for each class? (Note: this is not a change in the requirements for assignment 7.)