SDSU CS 662: Theory of Parallel Algorithms
Spring Semester 1995
Course Syllabus

San Diego State University -- This page last updated January 29, 1995

Instructor: Roger Whitney
Office: P-243
Phone: 594-3535

Course WWW Site:

Texts: The Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms by Selim Akl
The SR Programming Language: Concurrency in Practice by Andrews and Olsson

Other Sources:
JáJá, Joseph. An Introduction to Parallel Algorithms. Addison-Wesley, 1992.

Leighton, F. Thomson. An Introduction to Parallel Algorithms and Architectures: Arrays, Trees, Hypercubes. Morgan Kaufmann, 1992.

Grading: Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:

	Homework and Programs:	30%
	Exams(1):		35% 
	Final:			35%

Cheating: Any one caught cheating will receive an F in the course.

Course Outline:

	Topic			Text	
	Introduction		Akl	chap 1
	Selection		Akl	chap 2
	Sr			Andrew	chap 2-12, 14
	Merging			Akl	chap  3
	Sorting			Akl	chap  4
	Searching		Akl	chap 5
	Matrix Operations	Akl	chap 7
	Numerical problems	Akl	chap 8
	Graph Theory		Akl	chap 10