SDSU CS 596: Client Server Programming
Spring Semester 1995
Course Syllabus

San Diego State University -- This page last updated January 29, 1995

Instructor: Andrew Scherpbier
Office: P-238
Phone: 594-5026

Instructor: Roger Whitney
Office: P-243
Phone: 594-3535

Course WWW Site:

Texts: Internetworking with TCP/IP vol III: Client-Server programming and Applications (BSD Socket Version) by Comer and Stevens

Client/Server System Design & Implementation by Vaughn

Typed lecture notes will be available at Cal Copy

Prerequisites: CS576 (or consent of instructors) and knowledge of C or C++

Grading : Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:

There will be one midterm exam and one final exam. You will turn in three copies of each program: one for the instructors, the other two for evaluation by other students.

	Homework, Programs:	1/3
	Exams:			1/3 
	Project:		1/3

Cheating: Any one caught cheating will receive an F in the course.

Course Outline:

	Introduction 				Vaughn: Chap. 1-2 & 
						Comer: Chap. 2-3
	Review of Unix Network Communication 	Comer: Chap 4-5
	Unix Client-Server Algorithms & Issues 	Comer: Chap. 6, 8
	Client-Server other platforms	 	Vaughn: Chap. 6-7
	Server Designs				Comer: Chap. 9-12
	Organizational Issues			Vaughn: Chap. 3, 9-10
	Concurrency Issues			Comer: Chap. 15-16
	Developing Client-Server Applications 	Vaughn: Chap. 10-16
	Reference				Comer: Chap. 27
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