CS 580 Client-Server Programming

Spring Semester, 2006

Assignment 4

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Assignment 4

Due April 28, 6:45 pm

You are to produce a executable version of your server. That is produce a single java jar file that when executed runs your server. The server is to be able to run on windows machines and Unix machines. The database used by your server needs to be on a machine that the server can access when run for grading. The port number used by the server, location of the log files, database information (machine, port, user name, password, database etc) and other configurable information should be settable on the command-line and in a configuration file. Your jar file needs to contain all the needed code to run the server. The only outside dependencies of the jar file are the version of Java required (JDK1.5 or JDK 1.6) and the configuration file. Provide a ReadMe file that explains how to run the server and anything else the user needs to know about the server. Don't forget to inform the user how to set the server options on the command line and in the configuration file.

What to turn in

Jar file containing your server

Configuration file

Readme file


Working server 70%

This depends on your server running on my machines, not on your machine. It is strongly recommended that you test out your jar file on rohan before turning it in. You also might consider having a friend run your jar file on their machine as a test.

ReadMe file 15%

Does your ReadMe file contain all the needed information for a user to run your server in a way that is understandable to a user.

Configuration file/command line arguments 15%

Are all the options settable in a reasonable way on the command line and configuration file.

How to turn in your Assignment

Either place all files on a CD and turn the CD or send the files via email to me.