SDSU CS 635 Advanced Object-Oriented Design and Programming
Spring Semester, 2007
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Reading Assignments

Page numbers are in Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides unless otherwise indicated. Object Coupling and Object by Berard is on reserve at Love Library and available at Cal Copy.

Tuesday Thursday
Jan 18
Jan 23Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Information Hiding
Big Ball of Mud - Introduction, Forces, Big Ball of Mud,
Throwaway Code, Piecemeal Growth, Keep it Working
Jan 25 No Class
Jan 30JUnit: A Starter Guide Feb 1
Feb 6Iterator Pattern (pp 257-271) Feb 8Null Object, Visitor Pattern (pp 331- 344)
Feb 13Decorator (pp 175-184), Command (pp 233-242) Feb 15Strategy (pp 315-324)
Feb 20Chapter 1 (pp 1-31), Module Coupling in
Object Coupling and Object, Berard. pp. 72-86
Feb 22Object Coupling in
Object Coupling and Object by Berard. pp. 92-111
Feb 27 Mar 1Module Cohesion
in Object Coupling and Object by Berard. pp. 86-92
Mar 6Object Cohesion in
Object Coupling and Object by Berard. pp. 111-122
Mar 8Template Method & Composite
Mar 13Factory Method, Singleton & Abstract Factory Mar 15Proxy & State
Mar 20Review Mar 22Exam
Mar 27 Spring Break Mar 29 Spring Break
Apr 3 Apr 5Interpreter, Flyweight
Apr 10Observer, Adapter Apr 12Builder, Prototype
Apr 17Bridge, Chain of Responsibility Apr 19Mediator, Facade
Apr 24 Apr 26
May 1 May 3
May 8

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