SDSU CS 635 Advanced Object-Oriented Design and Programming
Spring Semester, 2006
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Reading Assignments

Tuesday Thursday
Jan 19
Jan 24 Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Information Hiding
JUnit: A Starter Guide
Jan 26Iterator & Visitor patterns
Jan 31 Feb 2
Feb 7 Feb 9Composite Pattern
Feb 14Template Method & Command Pattern Feb 16Chapter 1
Feb 21 Feb 23Object Coupling and Object Cohesion. pp. 72-86
Feb 28Object Coupling and Object Cohesion. pp. 92-111 Mar 2Object Coupling and Object Cohesion. pp. 86-92
Mar 7 Mar 9
Mar 14Spring Break Mar 16Spring Break
Mar 21 Mar 23
Mar 28Strategy & Decorator Mar 30State & Proxy
Apr 4Singleton & Factory Method Apr 6Abstract Factory & Prototype
Apr 11Builder & Observer Apr 13
Apr 18Adapter & Bridge Apr 20Chain of Responsibility & Memento
Apr 25Mediator & Interpreter Apr 27Flyweight & Facade
May 2 May 4
May 9Review

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