CS 580 Client-Server Programming

Spring Semester, 2006

Assignment 5

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GUI Client

Due May 9

Build a GUI client that supports the commands REGISTER, LOGIN, QUIT, and RANKINGS. The client also needs a stop button that will "stop" any commanded sent to the server but not yet completed. This means that the GUI must respond to user input even when it is in a read on a socket. As your server may respond to requests too fast for you to actually use this stop button, add a new command RANKINGSDEALED to the server and client. The RANKINGSDEALED com mand is identical to the RANKINGS command except that:

  1. The first line is RANKINGSDEALED

  1. The server adds a 30 second delay in responding to the request.

You will demo your client in class on May 9. You will use you client to connect to a server with a username and password that will be determined in class on May 9.