CS 580 Client-Server Programming

Spring Semester, 2005

Assignment 4

Assignment Index

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Start of a client

Develop a client for the bitorrent project that supports the messages:

  1. handshake

  1. endConnection

  1. error

  1. searchRequest

  1. searchResult



Percent of Grade

Working Code


Unit Tests


Quality of Code


Working Code. How well your code meets the functional requirements listed above accounts for 30% of the grade for the assignment.

Unit Tests. Having unit tests that cover the functionality of your code accounts for 20% of your grade. The unit tests are to be scalable. Tests using just print statements are not scalable.

See http://www.junit.org/ for more information about JUnit. For C++ and C# you can get the equivalent testing framework at http://www.xprogramming.com/software.htm

Quality of Code. Having good quality of code counts for 30% of the grade. Quality of code includes formatting, names and modularity.

What to Turn in

Turn in the source code and your unit tests. You also need to place the source code in your course repository.