SDSU CS 580 Client-Server
Spring Semester, 2004
Assignment 5
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Assignment 5
Due: May 12, 6:30 pm

Purpose of Assignment


Remove the XML-RPC layer in your restaurant client and server. Implement the your protocol from assignment 4 for the communication between the client and server. This means that you will be opening TCP sockets to communication between the client and server. You can modify your protocol if you find problems when implementing it. The goal is to implement a concurrent server. The top priority is to get a server to implement the protocol, the second priority is to implement a concurrent server, and the third priority is to get the client to implement the protocol. Of course having a working client is very useful in implementing a server.

If you wish you can work in groups of two for this assignment. If you do work in a group just turn in one copy of the assignment with both names on the paper.

What to turn in

Place a full copy of your code in your cvs or Store repository. In the cvs make the code available via a module named assignment5.

Turn in a hard copy of your server and client code that handles sockets, the protocol and concurrency. On the server side most of you have a clean interface to the functionality of the server in your Restaurant handler – the class that you exposed via the Xml-Rpc server. If you do not make any changes to the handler and the code behind it, I just need a hard copy of the signature of the public methods of the handler. If you do make changes to the handler and the code behind it, then I need a hard copy of the entire server. Include a description of your protocol.

If you work in a team of two, provide instructions as to where to find the electronic copy of your code.

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