SDSU CS 580 Client-Server
Spring Semester, 2004
Assignment 4
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Assignment 4
Due: April 1

Purpose of Assignment


A protocol defines the syntax and semantics of the requests a client can make of a server and the response of the server. Provide the syntax of all the requests that the client can make of the server and the syntax of the server’s responses. The protocol needs to be detailed enough to allow someone else to implement a server and client from the protocol. By now you have enough experience with restaurant system that you may have some improvements on how the client and server interact. You are free to make such changes. In order to avoid people just copying the XMLRPC protocol you are not allowed to use in your protocol:

If you wish you can work in groups of two for this assignment. If you do work in a group just turn in one copy of the protocol with both names on the paper.

What to turn in

A hard copy of your protocol.

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