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Aspect Intro
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Contents of Doc 1, Aspect Intro

The AspectJ Programming Guide, by The AspectJ Team,
PDF version in aspectj-docs-1.0.6.tqz at:

HTML version at:

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Aspect-Oriented Programming Intro

Resources & Links

Main Web Sites Aspect-Oriented Program Development Aspectj site Parc Research site on Aspect-Oriented Programming

AspectJCommand line Java Compiler + Browser

Go to download section of

The class will use version 1.0.6

Eclipse Plug-in version


Includes documentation and download

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An Example

The Files
public class Hello
        public static void main(String[] args )
public aspect HelloAspect
        before() : call(static void main(String[]) )
                        System.out.println( "Start");


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Running the Example (by Hand)

Compile the example

ajc @Hello.lst

Run the example

java Hello

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AspectJ Browsers

AspectJ has it own Browser/IDE called AspectJ Browser

AspectJ has support for

See for download information

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AspectJ Browser

A minimal browser

Download at and click on Downloads Compiler and Browser AspectJ Documentation

See Documentation section

In particular look at:

Short instructions for Installing AspectJ Browser

Download the aspectj-tools-1.0.6.jar file

Install by using the command:

java –jar aspectj-tools-1.0.6.jar

In the directory created there is a file README-TOOLS.html

Follow the directions in that file to finish installation.

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AspectJ Browser on Rohan

Installed in /home/ma/whitney/aspectj1.0

To use

Add to your classpath:

Add to your path: /home/ma/whitney/aspectj1.0/bin

Start the browser with the command:


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Sample Use of AspectJ Browser

In a directory, called example, create two files

With the contents:

public class Hello 
   public static void main(String[] args)

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Running the Browser

Start the browser with the command ajbrowser

Load the Hello.lst file by:

Build the project by clicking and holding on the build icon.

Select the project you wish to build

The browser should look like:

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What does the browser do?

The compiled code is placed in the directory you started the browser in

To change this click on the Options icon and set the “Output path” in the AJBrowser Options panel

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An open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular

Open source IDE from IBM

Becoming popular for Java development

AspectJ claims to require version 2.0

Main web site:


You can download Eclipse 2.0 at:

On Window download the correct file and unzip it.

In the eclipse directory run the eclipse.exe file

Documentation is at:

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Eclipse and AspectJ

Main web page for using AspectJ in Eclipse

Installing AspectJ in Eclipse
Go to:


Unzip the files

This creates two directories

Follow the instructions in org.eclipse.ajdt.ui_0.5.2\releaseNotes\readme.html

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Aspect S

Included in VisualWorks 7

See goodies/other/AspectS in the VisualWorks 7 directory

Read the file goodies/other/AspectS/Readme.txt for installation instructions

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