SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Spring Semester, 2003
Assignment 7
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Assignment 7

1. GUI for currency exchange rates. Implement a GUI to allow users to change the currency exchange rates used in assignment 6. The user should be able to enter new a new currency. The GUI is being developed for users that are authorized to modify the exchange rates, so there is no need to provide a level of authentication or security.

2. Saving the currency exchange rates. When the exchange rates are changed save the new rates in a file separate from the image. Of course saving the rates in a file is not useful if the contents of the file are never used. When money is changed from one currency to another the file or a cached version of the file is to be used to compute the exchange in currency.


The assignment is worth 27 points. 9 points are for meeting problem 1 requirements. 9 points are for meeting problem 2 requirements. 5 points are for the structure of your code. 2 points are for following Smalltalk naming conventions and formatting. 2 points are for unit testing problem 2.

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