SDSU CS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Spring Semester, 2003
Assignment 2
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Assignment 2

Due February 11

1 Can these messages be sent to a String object and explain why or why not?

a. copyFrom:to:
b. copyReplaceAll:with:

2. Add a method with the selector containsPassword in the String class. This method should return true if the receiver contains the characters p, a, s, s, w, o, r, d in that order with possibly other characters between them. It does not matter if the characters are upper or lower case. Hint look at the match: method in CharacterArray. The following should return true:

‘my password’ containsPassword
‘p/a/s/s/W/o/R/d’ containsPassword

3. Define a quadrant method in the Point class. If x & y are both greater than zero the method returns 1. If y is greater than zero but x is less zero the methods return 2. If both x & y are less than zero return 3. If x is greater than zero but y is less than zero return 4. If both x & y are zero return 0. Otherwise if the point is on x-axis return 2.5 and if it is on the y-axis return 1.5.

4. Create a BankAccount class. The class needs to maintain a balance. Banks do not like round-off errors so no rounding-off is allowed. Assume we are using US currency so someone may wish to deposit 123.21. We need the following methods:

deposit: anAmount
Adds the amount to the current balance

withdrawl: anAmount
Subtracts the amount from the current balance as long as the resulting balance is not negative.

Answer the current balance

For problems 2, 3 & 4 you are to turn in your source code.

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