SDSU CS 635 Advanced Object-Oriented Design & Programming
Spring Semester, 2002
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Abstract Factory (Bridge & Abstract Factory), 14
Abstraction (Introduction), 3
Add Parameter (Introduction), 34

Bridge (Bridge & Abstract Factory), 2
Broken Window (Introduction), 24
Builder (Builder), 2

Chain of Responsibility (Decorator, Chain of Responsibility, OO Recursion), 10
Cohesion (Introduction), 14
Command (Command & Memento), 2
Command Processor (Command & Memento), 13
Composite (Composite & Visitor), 2
Coupling (Introduction), 14

Decorator (Decorator, Chain of Responsibility, OO Recursion), 2
Deep Copy (Prototype, Flyweight, Facade), 5, 6

Encapsulation (Introduction), 4
Extract Method (Introduction), 28
Extrinsic State (Prototype, Flyweight, Facade), 14

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