SDSU CS 683 Emerging Technologies: Embracing Change
Spring Semester, 2001
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Contents of Doc 21, Stories

Planning Extreme Programming, Beck, Fowler, Addison-Wesley, 2001

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Stories must be understandable to the customer

Each story must provide something of value to the customer

Stories should be independent of each other

Stories must be testable

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Space Travel Booking Software Stories

Find lowest fare

Present to the customer the ten lowest fares for a particular route

Show available flights

Show possible flights with connections between any two planets

Sort available flights by convenience

When you're showing the flights, sort them by convenience:
Time of journey
Number of changes
Closeness to desired departure and arrival time

Purchase ticket

Purchase ticket charging to a credit card. Check credit card validity when doing this. Also check broad immigration rules.

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Do Customer profile

Keep customer details for quick reference, for example, credit card info, home address, dietary and gravitational needs.

Review itineraries

Show all itineraries the customer has in the system

Cancel itinerary

If a customer cancels an itinerary, cancel all flights, hotels, etc.

Print immigration paperwork

Print paperwork required to leave and arrive at a planet - only for the easier planets

Show hotels

Show hotels near a place.

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Show hotel availability

Show hotels that are available for the period indicated by the itinerary.

Offer sophisticated hotel search

Allow customer to search for hotels using more than dates and location. This would include facilities, level of service, costs, and recommendations.

Book a hotel

Book a hotel. Charge to credit card and check credit card validity.

Provide hotel/spaceline programs

Show hotels that have joint sales agreements with the spaceline customer is using. Show the prices including the discounts that are available with these programs - only for spacelines that are actively collaborating with us at this stage.

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Offer airplane hire

Allow the customer to hire an airplane while he or she is on a planet. Link the dates in from the space flight. Enhance the customer profile to include airplane preferences (insurance, manual versus automatic, etc.)

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