SDSU CS 683 Emerging Technologies: Embracing Change
Spring Semester, 2001
Assignment 5
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Assignment 5 - Due April 24

You will need to read chapters 1 - 8 of Extreme Programming Installed. You can work in teams of up to 3 people.

Select a project. There are three projects listed on the class wiki. It is possible for you to suggest your own project ideas. If you want to suggest a different project entire team must to talk to me in person about the project in advance. It will take about 30 minutes, so do not even bother to discuss the issue between classes.

1. Produce a set of stories for your project.

2. Estimate the time for your stories and rank them for importance.

3. Select stories for your first release.

You will turn in a copy of your stories and post them on the wiki.

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