CS 535: Final Project
SDSUCS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Fall Semester, 1997
CS 535: Final Project

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Final Project
Due Dec. 11

For your final project you need to turn in two separate copies of the following:

1. Source code for your room scheduler. The functionality of your room scheduler was outlined by the Project Description and your assignment 3.

2. The documentation produced by javadoc for each class in your room scheduler. Each class should have a description of the class. This description should discuss the abstraction represented by the class, what the class is used for, add how to use the class. When appropriate a method should contain a description of what the method does, a description of the parameters, what the method returns, under which conditions it will throw an exception, and what conditions (if any) that must be satisfied before using the method. Note a properly named get method with no arguments does not need such description.

3. A brief overview of your project. This overview can contain a list of the classes in your project, class inheritance diagrams, a description of how the classes in the project interact, and a list of bugs, functionality that does not work, and functionality that does work. You can add more to your overview if you wish. The goal is to give the reader (grader) an understanding of how your project works.

Please place the overview of the project first, then the javadoc documentation, then the source code. Do not forget to place the names of all team members on the front of your project.

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