CS 535: Assignment 5
SDSUCS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Fall Semester, 1997
CS 535: Assignment 5

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Grading the Project
Due Thursday Dec. 19

You are to consider making the following change to the project:

Adding two new type of rooms: corporate classroom and corporate computer lab. A corporate classroom is carpeted, has a snack bar, has high end display devices, has Macintosh, Wintel and Unix computers for instructor use, several computers in the back for student use (reading email, etc. ), and a fax machine. Students sit on padded chairs at tables. The corporate computer lab also contains nice tables and chairs, wall hangings for noise reduction, and a display device to display the instructor's machine. Each room has maximum capacity of 25. Only corporate classes can be held in these rooms. A corporate class may meet for 8 hours in one day in the semester, for 5 days in one week, for one weekend (Saturday and Sunday), for several weekends, for a 3-5 hours meeting each week for the semester. Corporate classrooms and labs come in pairs. Each corporate classroom is connected to a corporate lab. Connected classrooms and labs can not be used fo two different events at the same time.

Your goal is to estimate how hard it would be to make the change, not to actually make them. Grade the project on the following two points:

1. Did the design documentation help you understand the program enough to determine where the program would need to be modified to make the above changes? How difficult was it to understand the documentation and the code?

2. How hard would it be to make the above changes in the code? How local are the changes? That is how many classes will have to be changed?

The possible grades are A, B, C, D, F. You are to give the grade and a brief reason for the grade. You do not have to return the student project. You will receive a grade on this assignment. You can turn this assignment in at my office. If no one is at the office, put the assignment under the door. Note that I do not use the students comments on your project in grading your project.

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