CS 535: Assignment 3
SDSUCS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Fall Semester, 1997
CS 535: Assignment 3

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Due November 18

This an assignment related to the course project, so you can work in teams of two. If you are going to work in a team I need to know who is on the team. I need both team members to inform me that they are working as a team. If you do not contact me by midnight of November 13, you will be working by your self on the project and assignments 3 and 4. If you work on a team, turn one copy of the assignment. Both names of the team members must be on the assignment. Please note that this assignment is harder than it looks.

1. Produce a list of candidate classes for the project. For each class give a brief (one to three sentences) description of the class. Also for each give preliminary list of methods for the class. The method does not need an argument list. If the name for the method is obscure, you may need a one sentence description of what the method does.

2. Outline the functionality of the room scheduler that you think would be reasonable to implement by the end of the semester. The functionality you select must leave you with a working system. That is you need to be able to compile and run a program that does something.

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