CS 535 : Assignment 2
SDSUCS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Fall Semester, 1997
CS 535: Assignment 2

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Due October 21

Java does not include a linked list in its API. The goal of this assignment is to design and implement general linked list classes to be included in a class library.

1) Design the public interface for linked list classes. You need to support both unordered and ordered (that is sorted linked lists). One of the main goals is to determine what functionality belongs in linked list classes that will become part of a class library. That is what operations on linked lists will be useful to programmers. For this problem you should have a list of classes (and if appropriate interfaces, abstract classes and exceptions), a brief description of what the class does, a list of public methods in the class and a brief description of each method.

2) Implement the design given in problem one. Since these classes are designed to be part of a class library, they should use the full range of the language (such as classes, exceptions, inheritance, packages, interfaces, abstract classes, etc. with the exception of threads and synchonize) where appropriate.

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