CS 535 : Assignment 1
SDSUCS 535 Object-Oriented Programming
Fall Semester, 1997
CS 535: Assignment 1

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Due Tuesday, September 30, 1997

1) Write a program with three inputs: an escape character, a set of special characters that must be escaped, and a string. The program will place an escape character before each occurrence of a special character and before each occurrence of the escape character in the original input string. Print out the result of this process. So for example if the escape character is:
and if the set of special characters is:
and the string is:
then the output would be:

As this is an assignment to work on control structures and strings, so do not use the classes SubstringCountReader and StringReplaceReader.

2) Write a program to reverse the process in problem one. That is given an input of the escape character and an escaped string (the output of the program of problem one) removed the escapes in the string. For example if the escape character is:

and the input string is:
then the output will be:

3) Implement a linked list. Each linked list element will hold a single int value and be possibly linked to another linked list element. When new elements are added to the list add them to the front of the list. Write a program to add int values to a linked list, print the link list on the standard output, and compute the average value in the linked list. It is not necessary to implement deletion from the list.

In this assignment I am not too concerned with how you do input and output. Using the sdsu.io.Console class for input and output is fine. You are more than welcome to read and write to files or use standard streams, but this is not necessary. In general it is preferable to produce simple well‹designed solutions to poorly‹designed solutions with lots of fancy features.

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