SDSU CS535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Fall Semester, 1996

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Instructor: Roger Whitney
Office: P-243
Phone: 594-3535
Email: or


Core Java by Cornell and Horstmann
Designing Object-Oriented Software by Wirfs-Brock, Wilkerson, Wiener

Other References:
Code Complete by Steve McConnell, 1993
Writing Solid Code by Steve Maguire, 1993

Course Web Site:
All class notes, assignments and handouts are posted in the class web site.

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subscribe cs535 yourName
To send mail to the list, send mail to For more information see the course web site.

Prerequisites: CS310 (Data Structures) and CS320 (Programming Languages).

Grading: Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:
Homework, Programs:1/3
Exam (1):1/3

There will be one exam during the semester. There will be no final exam.

Students are strongly encouraged to work in teams of two on the project. Teams larger than two are not allowed. The project involves implementing a game (details to be given later) and producing a design document.

Cheating: Any one caught cheating will receive an F in the course.

Course Outline:
Introduction to OOP and JavaLecture Notes, Cornell : chapter 2
Basic Structures in JavaCornell : chapter 3
Objects and ClassesCornell : chapter 4
Basic Data StructuresCornell : chapter 9
ExceptionsCornell : chapter 10
Inheritance and PolymorphismCornell : chapter 5
Wirfs-Brock: chapters 1- 4
StreamsCornell : chapter 11
User InterfaceCornell : chapters 7, 8
DesignWirfs-Brock: chapters 3-9

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