SDSU CS535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Fall Semester, 1996
Assignment 3

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CS 535 Assignment 3
Due Thursday, Nov. 14

1) Project partners. You are allowed to work in teams of two on the class project. If you are going to work in a team, both people in the team need to inform me that they are forming a team. You can do this either in writing or by email. You are allowed to work on this assignment as a team. Each team should turn in only one copy of this assignment, with both team member names on the assignment.

2) Produce a set of potential classes for the class project. For each class give a set of responsibilities and collaborations.

3) Select one scenario for the use of the grader program. Perform a walk-through of your classes with the inputs from the scenario. You may do this in person, but it is your responsibility to insure that this is done before the due date.

The final class project will be due December 10.