SDSU CS535 Object-Oriented Programming & Design
Fall Semester, 1996
Programming Assignemt 1

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CS 535Programming Assignment 1
Due Tuesday, Sept. 24

1) Implement and test code that reads three strings. For illustration purposes call the strings A, B, C. The program outputs a fourth string, which I will call D. The string D is obtained by replacing all occurrences of string B in string A with string C. The replacement should be case insensitive. So if we have:
   A = "Then the cat ate the mouse"   B= "the"   C="bad" 

   D ="badn bad cat ate bad mouse"

2) Implement and test a char buffer. The buffer acts like a queue. Chars are added to the front one at a time and removed from the end one at a time. If the buffer becomes full, the buffer needs to "grow" (allocate more space for more chars) so it can accept new chars. Use an array to store the chars. Do not use a vector or StringBuffer.

3) (Just For fun) Part one of a spider. Http links in html are of the form
<A href="http:web site address goes here">.
For example a link to Yahoo is given by
<A href="">
Implement and test code to read html text and find all http links.

Each class you write must be in its own file. Turn in your source code and output from the tests.