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  1. CS 596 OODP Project
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CS 596 OODP Project

Design and implement a program to play the game Checkers. The end goal is a game that will play Turkish, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Pyramid and English Checkers. Two human players will play the game on a single computer. The program need not act as a player. The program does have to:

The entire project is due December 5. The following three problems are due Tuesday October 10.

Problem 1

Clearly it will not be feasible to implement all features and all variations of checkers in the first version of the program. So the first problem is to determine a minimal set of features that will be implemented in the first version of the program. Indicate which version of the program will include features not included in version one of the program. Even though version one of the program will not implemented all features, the program should be designed to make it easy to implement the remaining features.

Problem 2

Outline the order in which the features included in version one of the program will be implemented.

Problem 3

Determine the candidate classes and their responsibilities. Turn in the candidate classes and responsibilities as would be recorded at the end of chapters 3 and 4 in Designing Object-Oriented Software..