Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 String Library
Due: Tuesday, Sept. 5

1. Your boss has noticed that your group frequently uses strings in their programs. Thus your boss has decided to implement a string library. Each programmer has been asked to provide a list of string operations they think should be in the library. For each operation provide a name for the operation, arguments required for the operation, and a one sentence description of the operation. (Note, it should be possible "cheat" and look up string operations in a existing library or text book. Please resist that urge on this assignment.)

2. How could one evaluate the operations proposed for the string class library. That is some operations may be" better" than others. What does it mean to say that one operation is better than another?

3. A language like C contains a few basic data types like integers, array, and records. C does not contain higher level data types like strings. What other high level data types would useful to have in a C library? By useful I mean that

a) the data type should be used in programs reasonably frequently

b) using the data type would save programmers time in implementing programs.