CS 683 Emerging Technologies

Fall Semester, 2008


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Assignment 4 Due Dec 4.

1 Write a preliminary version of an address book. This application with have several activities. The first activity will list names. A user can do two things. First they can create a new person for the address book. A person will have a first name, last name and a phone number. This is done by click a "New" button (or if you prefer selecting a "New" menu item). A second screen is shown that allows the user to enter the data. When they are done the go back to the first screen. The first screen will show a list of names. A user can select a name and click a button (or menu item - your choice) to edit the person's information. There is no need at this time to store any of the data.

Turning in your Assignment

Upload your assignment to the S3 bucket "sdsu-cs683-assignment4" using the same key as in assignment 3. Note that your key is case sensitive.

If your Android project is called "foo", then in your Eclipse workspace there will be a directory "foo", which contains all your Android files. Zip up the foo directory and its contents into one file. When the file is unzipped it should create the directory "foo" and all of its contents. This zip file is what you are to upload into the S3 bucket.