CS 535

Fall Semester, 2008

Assignment 7

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Assignment 7 Due Dec 20, noon

Implement the Mini Adventure game . The game is it to have a GUI front end where the user enters commands and sees the result of the command. A user should be able to play two or more independent games in the same image at the same time. Of course the two games will use the same maze.

What to turn in

You are to turn in all your source code into your Store account in the package called "AdventureGame". In the package comment include:

Your name

Instructions on how to start the game.

List of the commands that the user can enter.

List of functionality not implemented.

As in assignment 6 include your configuration file as a class method. The package comment needs to include instructions on where to place the file so your program can run.


50% of the grade will be on meeting the requirements. The other 50% will be on style, OOPness and quality of the code. The quality of the GUI will not be graded, nor will fancy help systems.