CS 535

Fall Semester, 2008

Assignment 6

Assignment Index

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Due Midnight Dec 2

1. Implement a GUI application. The application will have one window with one button, one text input area and one area for displaying text. The user will enter a number in the text input area. When the user is done entering the number they click on the button to indicate that they are done. The application keeps a running total of the sum of all the numbers entered by the user. The sum starts at zero. The area for displaying text shows the running sum. So if the user entered the numbers 12, then 10, then -2 the display would show:





  1. Implement the code to read a configuration and create a maze.

What to Turn in

You turn in your assignment by uploading it to your store repository. The relevant information to connect to the repository was handed out in class. If you do not have that information contact me.

Place all your code in a package named "AdventureGame". In the package comments include:

  1. Your name

  1. How to start your GUI application for problem 1.

  1. Instructions on how to create your maze, including the file name (and path if not local to the image) for the maze configuration, a small program that will create a maze. Also include in a class method a copy of your configuration file for the maze. Your package comment should indicate where to find this class  method.

Please keep in mind that while you are very familiar with your code I have not seen it at all and have to deal with over thirty versions of this assignment, which will do things differently.