CS 683 Emerging Technologies

Fall Semester, 2006


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Assignment 5

Due December 16

1. Create two SOAP methods for your Rails restaurant web application. The first method, areas, returns a collection of locations that your application knows about. The information returned for a location must allow a SOAP client to display meaningful information to a end-user. The second method, restaurantsIn, has one argument that identifies a location, and returns a list of restaurants in the indicated area. You can use the SOAP scaffold to test your SOAP methods.

2. (Optional 1 ) Imbed a Google map into the results page of a restaurant search. That is the result of a restaurant search is a page that contains a list of restaurants that satisfy the search and an imbedded Google map showing the location of each restaurant. Each restaurant is the list should be labeled, say 1-N or A, B, C etc. The marker for the restaurant in the Google maps should contain the restaurant label. When the user clicks on a restaurant marker in the map the resulting pop-window should contain the restaurants name and address.

What to turn in

For problem one turn in hard copy of your SOAP code. There is no need to turn in the entire Rails project.

For optional problem two turn in hard copy of the code that generates the Google map.

1  Optional means you decide if you wish to do this problem. No extra credit will be given for doing this problem, nor will you lose any points if you do not do the problem.