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Fall Semester, 2005
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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is used to make it easier for people to track information on blogs, news and other web sites. News aggregators are RSS-aware programs used to track multiple web sites. When a web site supports RSS you give your news aggregator the sites RSS url. The news aggregator then periodically checks each site and provides you with a list of those sites with new content.

Safari 2.0 ,which runs on Mac OS 10.4, is a web browser that also is a news aggregator. Someday most web browsers will be news aggregators. Until then you may wish use a separate news aggregator. BottomFeeder is a reasonable aggregator that runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS 10 and Mac OS 9. (Disclaimer: I know the person the wrote BottomFeeder.) There are many other news aggregators.

The course has two independent RSS feeds.

The course lecture notes & assignments feed in updated each time a new set of lecture notes or assignment is posted. Currently the feed just contains the title of each and a link to the actual document. It does not include the actual contents of the documents due to the size of the documents, formating issues, and some minor technical difficulties in generating an rss feed from static pages. Hopefully this will change in the future. This feed should make it easier for people with news aggregators to be notified when content is added to the web site. I am still working on which pages and which changes to pages should be added to this feed.

The second feed is for the course wiki. Each time a page is added or edited the contents of the page are added to the rss feed. This feed should make it easier for people to know when questions and answers are posted on the wiki.

Both of these feeds are new this semester. If you have any problems with the rss feeds or have any comments about them please let me know at: whitney at

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